Exclusively offering unique works of art

Based on our network, we can offer our clients art pieces from the masters of art history, from old masters, the great impressionists to contemporary art.
We are currently actively working on placing artworks from Monet, Matisse, Picasso, amongst others.

The pieces presented by LX Fine Arts are exclusive or non-exclusive but always based on personalised service.

All works normally are followed by extensive documentation prepared by reputable experts.

Transactions are managed by professional third party lawyers in the geography/region preferred by the client.

Financial and legal management

In addition to offering exclusive artworks, LX Fine Arts can assist collectors/investors with structuring and executing the investment, as well as assisting with potential exit of the investment.

This includes e.g:

  • Setting up structures with Investment Vehicles for holding and managing one or a portfolio of art pieces.
  • Managing established structure, e.g. portfolio investment, managing sales of pieces through auctions etc.
  • Supporting or managing donation or lending processes towards museums on behalf of the collector/investor.
  • Geographic flexibility